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There are endless possibilities with our professional event ticketing system.

Sell your merchandise and tickets all in the one place.

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Keep Your Fans Happy!

Impact Tickets allows you to sell a variety of products and merchandise alongside your ticket sales, helping you to up-sell to fans at just the right time and increase your bottom line.

Sell Digital Products

Sell digital downloads like albums and ebooks alongside tickets for your next event. Sell t-shirts, caps, and other merchandise.

Bundle Products With Tickets

Create VIP packs and bundles with products and tickets for a reduced price, allowing you to give something special back to fans and customers.

Beautiful Upselling

Perfect for festivals, prompt customers to buy merchandise and promote your event prior to it selling out and increase your bottom line.

Enhance The Event Experience

Selling merchandise that will keep your customers happy, steins for beer festivals, beanbags for outdoor cinemas the possibilities are endless.

Easily Manage Merchandise Sizing

Allow customers to easily choose sizings/variations for merchandise where appropriate, great for managing t-shirt sizes and colours.

Manage Inventory Stock

Never run out of merchandise again! Impact Tickets automatically manages merchandise stock across all your sales with low inventory warnings built in.

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Low Ticket Fees And Giving Back Is Our Impact!

We help your simplify your operations and get set up with the right solution to meet your event’s needs.