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Privacy Policy

ImpactTickets, LLC. (the “Company”) values and respects your privacy and is committed to safeguarding the personal information you have entrusted us with. We pride ourselves on our strict privacy policies and your personal and financial security is our top priority. We are committed to complying and upholding all relevant laws protecting your rights to privacy.

Only authorized employees will have access to your information. These employees are required to adhere to strict privacy policies at all times.

This Privacy Policy applies to the personal identifiable information that ImpactTickets.com has access to at the time you are active on the ImpactTickets.com web site, and when you avail yourself of ImpactTickets.com’s services.

The aim of this Privacy Policy is firstly, to explain the type of personal information we gather and secondly, to explain how we gather and use that information.

This Privacy Policy has been created within the context of our Impact Tickets Website, and the potential for gathering personal information through electronic media. However, this Policy is not limited to the ImpactTickets.com Website alone. It applies to all interactions you may have with the Company during which certain information will be made available to us, by you.

The Company reserves the right to update this Privacy Policy from time to time, but is not obligated to do so. We strongly recommend reviewing this Privacy Policy occasionally for any new updates that may have been added. Any changes made to this Privacy Policy will become effective from the date the changes are published.
The purchase of tickets or other merchandise from the Company in effect then constitutes your acceptance of this Privacy Policy.

1) How Personal Information is collected.

When sales of tickets and other merchandise are made, certain private and personal information is acquired which assist us in performing various transactions. It may be necessary to share this information with event and entertainment organizers and venues as part of our contracted agreement with them. When one wishes to remain anonymous when purchasing event tickets, then direct purchase through the venue box office is the option of choice.

Personal information may include name and address, phone numbers, email addresses or credit card numbers.
This information may be collected when:

2) How this Information is Used

Personal information may be used in the following ways.

3) Time period for Information Storage

The information may be stored for as long as you are registered with the website. This means that for as long as your registered use status remains as is, or you make purchases using a credit card, your information may remain stored with us in order to facilitate future transactions, or provide refunds where applicable. Deletions of information and past transaction history are made on a random basis from our computer systems from time to time.

4) “Aggregate Information” – Definition and Importance

When visitors enter our website, the computer system automatically gathers data regarding visitor usage of the site, what aspects of the site are most frequently visited, user location, and quantity of visit entries into the site at any given time. This data is the aggregate, which is the sum collection of all data collected over a given period of time, and is thus referred to as “Aggregate Information”. This information includes, among other things, the type of internet browser you use, the Internet Protocol address, what type of resolution setting you have, the platform type and the web addresses of the referring web pages. Aggregate Information is useful to us in assistance with computer troubleshooting and website administration. It makes sharing of demographic information and visitor user experience easier with Event and Venue organizers and advertising partners. Aggregate Information does not contain any personal information of any kind.

5) “Cookies” – Definition and Explanation

“Cookies” are files that are deposited onto a visitor’s computer hard drive by a website’s system at the time the said visitor is logged on to a website. The significance of cookie collection is to recognize a visitor’s repeat visits to a website, what pages are preferred, and what the user does while there. It is an extremely common occurrence, and takes up very little space on the hard drive. Cookies cannot determine the user identity on their own. Personal information can only be gleaned if the user provides it. Companies that advertise on our website may leave cookies on your computer – this is a common phenomenon over which we have no control. If you do not want cookies following your browser history, you may change your internet option settings to send you a notification each time a web attempts to leave you a cookie. This allows you to accept or refuse. However, many websites, our own included, may require the use of Cookies in order to access certain features or to have full function ability.

6) Consent Statement

We do not pass on information regarding our customers to any other third party at the present time for monetary remuneration. Should this policy change in the future, our on line customers will be informed in advance by email. This will allow you, the customer, the option to remove yourself from such a distribution list by return mail or directly to the address webfeedback@ImpactTickets.net.

7) Our Data Security Commitment

The most up to date Data Security systems are used by our company to encrypt your personal and financial information, thus reducing the risk of your information being obtainable by unauthorized persons. The physical security of our company facility complements these electronic security measures, with additional restricted access to sensitive areas such as computer locations within the facility. However, due to increasing sophistication and skill of hackers and other potential system invaders whose purpose is information theft and damage to electronic systems thereby reducing their safeguarding abilities – we cannot give any guarantees with regards to the absolute safety of this data in our possession, or the resilience of our systems under abnormal circumstances or hostile activity at any time.

8) Legal Disclosure of Information

There may be instances wherein it may be necessary to reveal information in order to contact, identify or bring legal action to said parties or persons if there is reason to believe that these persons may be damaging or abusing the Company rights or property, including the website, and /or visitors to this website. It may be necessary for us to disclose information about individuals who access our Website to law enforcement agencies, judicial or government authorities, or to other legal entity in response to demands for subpoenas, court orders, or other legal orders.

9) Third Party Web Sites

There are links on our web site to other Web sites whose privacy policies may differ from those of ImpactTickets. These may be sites that share branding or are powered by various sponsors or partners, ecommerce sites and other advertising bodies. These are third party sites and are not owned or operated in any way by ImpactTickets. We urge you to make yourself aware of privacy policies on any site you may visit with regards to safeguarding your personal information.

10) Policy regarding Minor Children

The products and merchandise for sale on our Website are not targeted at minor children, and we do not wish to gather information from minors under the age of 13. We strongly request that such minors do not contact us in any way – be it via email, website usage or submission of information on our website. We further request that minors under the age of 18 obtain permission from a parent or guardian before making contact with us, by email or via our website.

11) User Access To And Ability To Update Personally Information

You can, at any time, modify, update, or if you desire, remove, your personal account profile from our records by accessing your ImpactTickets account through the web site or by contacting us at privacy@ImpactTickets.net.

12) Facebook and Social Media

The ImpactTicket website enables access to Facebook and other social media. Be aware that by using this service you allow the company to have access to your information and additionally it serves as consent to the Facebook terms of use.