Impact Tickets For Community Events

A ticketing solution that makes managing community event ticket sales simple.

Easy Purchasing For Fans

Impact Tickets makes purchasing tickets for attendees simple, so you can spend less time on support and more on your event.

Low Per Ticket Fees

Impact Tickets charges some of the lowest fees in the industry, keeping attendees happy and more money for your cause.

Accept Donations

Impact Tickets allows you to accept donations alongside your tickets sales with no additional booking fee.

Safe and Secure Sales

Impact Tickets is fully PCI-Compliant and adheres to some of the strictest security policies in the industry.

Why Community Events Choose Impact Tickets

Raise More Funds For Your Cause

Impact Tickets’ additional fund raising features makes raising funds and selling more tickets easier than ever before.

Bundle Family Tickets

Offer ticket bundles to families and other groups, allowing you to offer a discount to groups above a size you specify.

Pay What You Want

Offer fans a pay what you want ticket price allowing them to donate as little or as much as they want per ticket.

More Accurate Record Keeping

Rest easy knowing all your ticket sales reports are easily generated for committee meetings and record keeping.

Safe And Fast Through The Door

We understand that attendee safety is paramount, that’s why we made sure that Scanfast can keep up with any door entry requirements.

Smooth and Professional

Your event will scream professionalism with barcode scanning and a smooth admissions process for attendees.

No more lost tickets

Quickly lookup attendees that have lost tickets via the scanfast app to avoid any issues at your entry points.

Ticket Scanning Speed

No need to rent or buy expensive equipment. All of our systems work from the comfort of a smart phone.

Learn More About Ticketing Scanning

Complete Control of Ticketing Operations

Impact Tickets gives your venue complete oversight and control of your ticketing operations including:

Refunds, Promotion Codes and Policies

Specify your own refund policies, waivers, terms and conditions and privacy policies.

Custom Questions During Checkout

Ask attendees additional questions during the checkout process for further promotional use or to help you during the event management process.

Keep in touch with ticket buyers

Impact Tickets provides you with a free email blast feature so you can stay in touch with attendees in the lead up to your event. You can even email blast attendees with upcoming events with built in spam-act compliance management.

Sell Tickets

Low Ticket Fees And Giving Back Is Our Impact!

We strongly believe that online ticketing is about more than just giving event organizers a platform to sell tickets. It's about helping you create great events that offer your event goers an amazing experience through low ticket fees.