Impact Tickets Ticketing For Conferences

A ticketing solution designed to manage delegates with ease.

Powerful Event Marketing

Impact Tickets can track every detail of how people are purchasing tickets, allowing you to maximize your marketing efforts.

Custom Reporting

Adjust your marketing tactics by using in-depth reporting data to target more profitable advertising avenues.

Custom Questions

Be better prepared for your conference by asking attendees specific industry related questions or event specific ones.

RFID Ticketing

Learn more about your attendees than ever before with RFID ticket badges and our new android scanning application.

Impact Tickets Is A Leader in Conference Registrations

Built By Professionals For Professionals

Positioning your event as the top conference with our array of registration features will allow you to prevent you from looking like an amateur.

Bundle registrations

Up sale by providing accommodations and offering big discounts with your ticket sales to increase revenue.

Payment Plans

Impact Tickets’ platform allows you to offer your attendees the option to pay expensive items off in installments and it all managed entirely by our solution.

Turnkey Entry Management Solution

Impact Tickets’ event admissions solution allows you to control the entire process wether it be print-at-home tickets or RFID badges and wristbands. Together with our conference and convention partners, we develop a plan that covers everything from the online registration experience to RFID badge scanning solutions.

Smooth and Professional

The faster your event goers are in, the faster they can have fun. Help your events earn a strong reputation.

Information registrations of exhibitors

Allow conference attendees to register for more information with their badges by providing RFID checkin stations to information stalls.

Complete Conference Registration System

Impact Tickets gives you complete oversight over the entire conference registration system including:

Powerful Reporting

No more confusion over how things are progressing, simply check your customised reporting data and adjust from there.

Live Event Tracking

View your ticket sales in realtime either on a big monitor in the office or on your phone or iPad on the go.

Full Customer CRM

Determine your loyal customers and segment to offer special deals and discounts to keep them in engaged.

Sell Tickets

Low Ticket Fees And Giving Back Is Our Impact!

We strongly believe that online ticketing is about more than just giving event organizers a platform to sell tickets. It's about helping you create great events that offer your event goers an amazing experience through low ticket fees.