Event Ticket Scanning

Fast & simple scanning technology

Impact Tickets uses the easiest, fastest and most sophisticated admissions technology in the world. Whether your event is 200 or 50,000+ people, our tickets scanning app and industry leading ticket scanning equipment has you covered.

Live Ticket Scan Updates

Scanning software talks directly to our system to give you advance reporting, live or after the fact.

Total Online Tickets Scanned In

See in an instant the total amount of online tickets that have been presented at your entry points.

Total Preprinted & Hardcopy Ticket Count

View the count of all pre-printed and promoter tickets that have been admitted inside your event.

Total Scanned In By Price level

Need to know how many VIPs have been admitted? View admissions breakdown by price-level.

RFID – Learn More From Your Attendees

Impact Tickets’ RFID scanners not only allow you to eliminate ticket fraud, but also integrate with 3rd party systems to capture even more data regarding your attendees movements.

Learn More About RFID

Ticket Scanners That Won’t Let You Down.

Impact Tickets’ event admissions technologies have been perfected over years of on-site experiences, we understand that the little things can help make all the difference when getting fans through the gates.

Super Fast Validation

Impact Tickets’ Linea Pro Ticket Scanners use next generation optics to ensure barcodes are scanned quickly and accurately reducing attendee admission time.

Stop Ticket Fraud

All Impact Tickets’ tickets carry unique barcodes that can be scanned and validated protecting against fake and duplicate tickets.

Multiple Entry Points

Impact Tickets’ scanners sync tickets scans preventing duplicate tickets being presented at different gates or scanners.

Sell Tickets

Low Ticket Fees And Giving Back Is Our Impact!

We strongly believe that online ticketing is about more than just giving event organizers a platform to sell tickets. It's about helping you create great events that offer your event goers an amazing experience through low ticket fees.