RFID Ticketing System

The future of event ticketing is here.

Why Use RFID Ticketing?

Blazingly fast admissions times.

RFID wristbands can be a real time saver for getting your fans through the gates. Unlike traditional barcodes which can be sensitive to light or damaged due to bad printers RFID can be read under any conditions ensuring your gates move faster than ever!

Vital Admissions Data

Built on Scanfast technology our RFID solution allows you to capture admissions statistics as they occur in real-time, helping to provide actionable data for staffing positioning and capacities.

Super Secure.

RFID makes preventing ticket fraud easy at even the largest, busiest events. Eliminate photocopied and scalped tickets with encrypted one of a kind RFID tags. Fans can also use their RFID wristbands to post automatic updates and checkins to Facebook and Twitter.

Say Goodbye To Ticket Fraud

RFID is inherently far more secure than paper tickets, the chip found inside the wristband or badge is uniquely tied to the customer’s purchase ensuring it can only be presented once.

Keep Your Attendees Talking

The RFID wristbands can be linked to a customer’s facebook or twitter account allowing them to interact with RFID points at your venue and post updates to their friends.

Simple for staff!

Our RFID technology makes event admissions a breeze for staff and volunteers.

Built On Technology You Can Trust

Impact TIckets’ RFID technology is adapted from our top-tier scanning technology, so you can rest assured the admissions process will remain as reliable as ever.

Paired with Impact Tickets Event ops

Impact Tickets’ event operations team works with you to deploy event admissions that is quick and secure for attendees.

Sell Tickets

Low Ticket Fees And Giving Back Is Our Impact!

We strongly believe that online ticketing is about more than just giving event organizers a platform to sell tickets. It's about helping you create great events that offer your event goers an amazing experience through low ticket fees.